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Contact Info for Frequent Youtube Copyright Claimants

During the past year of doing the upload experiments you see on this blog and my Youtube channel, I found it necessary many times to seek out the email addresses of those corporations who frequently made false/accidental copyright claims on public domain material. So far, all of my upload experiments involved use of the “Open Goldberg Variations” by Kimiko Ishizaka, the public domain (via CC0) recordings of J.S. Bach’s public domain Goldberg Variations. Because there are many copyrighted recordings of the Goldberg Variations out there, Youtube’s Content ID system made false identifications on many occasions, on behalf of both vague entities and well-known music rights organizations and publishers. Many of these companies frequently show up, I believe, on copyright claims on many different Youtube videos that use music. Unfortunately, Youtube never provides direct contact information for these companies, and the often-automated dispute process isn’t very reliable. Fortunately for you, however, I’ve compiled the email addresses that I’ve been able to find by scouring the internet, so you don’t have to. Please note that I make no guarantee about these email addresses, as most were last used by me in late 2012 and I have no idea if they’re still active, but hopefully they are.

Please note also that if your video has a claim from “one or more music publishing rights collecting societies,” in my experience if claims like these are disputed the claims are released automatically within a few seconds.

Please also note once more that if you get a copyright claim from “AdRev for Rights Holder” on an upload of the Open Goldberg Variations, this actually IS the Open Goldberg Variations project, so you should go ahead and acknowledge the claim. Even though the recordings are dedicated to the public domain via CC0, Robert Douglass and Kimiko Ishizaka decided to put their recordings into Youtube’s system just to compete with all the false claims. Ads placed on videos due to this claim will directly support the artist, so this is one time you should definitely click “Acknowledge.”

Contact Info for Frequent Youtube Copyright Claimants:

Universal Music Publishing Corporation (also known as UMPG): See this page as well:

The Harry Fox Agency, Inc. (HFA): I couldn’t find a direct email address, but the contact form at the following link eventually got me results.

IDOL:, IDOL also has a website here:

Sony Music Entertainment (SME):

GoDigital MG: Possibly this address: and possible this website:

The following link to the Internet Archive forums includes a post with contact info for the company GoDigital MG, but please note that I never tested these email addresses myself, I simply used the Youtube dispute process and got results.

Public Domain Compositions: I could never find any contact information or other corporate info on this claimant, but disputing the claim with an explanation as to the public domain status of the recordings eventually got the claim released. If anyone knows who or what this company is, and how to contact them, please let me know.

[Merlin] Phonofile: (I actually got a human response from this address last year, not an automated one.) They also have a website contact page here:

Believe: (supposedly the email address of someone named Arnaud Chiriamonti). Believe’s website has a contact form, but it only applies to artists wanting to join the company roster. I can no longer recall where I found the email address listed here and the link I originally included a year ago to Believe’s contact page appears to be dead.

If you have any contact info on companies like this to share, please leave a comment or email me. I hope this list has helped you resolve false copyright claims on your videos.


  1. And, if you need the claim for the Open Goldberg Variations released, you can contact us with this form:

  2. C Knoop permalink

    Looks like Open Goldberg is not that open after all! I have no issues for Open Goldberg to be content ID’ed but AdRev now rejects challenges and gets to the dispute level, promising to get back in 24hours which does not happen. This is totally unnecessary IMHO.

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