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“Open Goldberg Variations – BWV 988 – 12 – Variatio 11 a 2″ Youtube Upload: False Claims and Disputes Report

October 10, 2013

Source Type: Sound Recording
Source: “Goldberg Variations – BWV 988 – 12 – Variatio 11 a 2”
Music by J.S. Bach, 1741
Recording/Performance on Piano by Kimiko Ishizaka
Released as part of the Open Goldberg Variations Project and funded on Kickstarter

Notes on Copyright Status:

Bach’s music, the Open Goldberg Variations, are in the public domain due to having been written in 1741, making them too old to be copyrighted in the U.S.

Kimiko Ishizaka’s recording of her performance of the Goldberg Variations is in the public domain because she released it into the public domain using the Creative Commons Zero Waiver on May 28th, 2012.

Download it for free at:

False Copyright Claims on This Recording:

False copyright claims were made by “one or more music publishing rights collecting societies” and UMPG Publishing.

Notes on claimants: As noted in a previous video, UMPG Publishing seems to be Universal Music Publishing. I’m still searching for a contact email address for them. If none is found, I will make a phone call to one of their offices. [Update: The contact information may have been found and is listed below.]

Contact Information for Copyright Claimant:

I am not sure if this is the correct email address, but I found this listed as the contact address for rights issues when dealing with Universal Music Publishing Group:


The contact info was found on this page:

Information On My Attempts to Contest These Claims:

As of 9/18/2012, I have sent an email to the above email address and am awaiting a reply. I will give them 24 hours to reply before filing a claim dispute.

Update: I submitted a claim dispute on 9/20/2012.

Resolution: UMPG and the one or more collecting societies have released their claims on 10/20/2012.

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